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At the Reliant Continuity Group we understand the challenges of compliance across multiple sets of federal regulations with respect to your. IT infrastructure - we can help you and comply with Federal Regulations (HIPAA, SOX, California Privacy Act), all the while maintaining a solid plan for disaster recovery, data backup, security and contingency planning. Best practices include systems-based solutions that are trouble free, dependable, scalable and require no additional training - ioSafe hardware dovetails into your IT environment and platform, allowing your business to leverage your IT investments in ways that achieve compliance and help you achieve businss goals.

  • Superior Security with ioSafe Disk Based Data Backup and Recovery
    • Better than tape for operational recovery and reliability
    • Increased security as HUMANS ARE OUT THE LOOP
    • Automated backup and verification

  • Demonstrate Recoverability Post-Disaster
    • Fireproof Protection
    • Waterproof Protection
    • Data Redundancy
  • 'Compliance in a Box'

When recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) play a major factor in your data backup and recovery strategy, ioSafe hardware can serve to strengthen your plan for daily operations as well as disaster recovery.

Please contact us today so that we may assist you in determining the how ioSafe is right for your business compliance strategy and how it effects your data security and backup strategy. Contact Us today and we can help you achieve the greatest ROI.