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Edge Data Backup Protection - Outside the Central Network

Edge data that sits outside your central network or SAN is vital to business operations. No matter where your branch sales offices or retail stores are located there is a good chance that your IT budget at these locations is minimal compared to that of the central office. By implementing ioSafe R4 NAS hardware across your enterprise you'll benefit from tremendous real time data protection, decreased IT staff costs and increase time savings from tape rotation. A tremendouse boost in data security and availability - this means costs savings!

Remote administration and true data verification with ioSafe means that you have up to the minute disaster protection. Even if you still depend on trickling the data back to the central network online, you'll rest easy knowing that even if disaster strikes, your business data is recoverable with ioSafe hardware.


ioSafe R-4

Fireproof NAS Server, a Data Storage Hardware device




1700°F 1-hour Fireproof Protection

Waterproof to 30 ft. of Saltwater or Fresh Water
3 year warranty includes $5,000 Data Recovery Service
Most Value and Protection for your Backup Dollar

We understand the value of data backup, storage and disaster recovery - it's our job to make sure you are getting the best value in a data backup appliance that is available, this means ioSafe hardware deployed at your central office and remote locations. As you align your IT systems and data backup strategy with your business goals you'll continue to drive your business forward.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Thanks to ioSafe, we have a fast and hassle-free way to strengthen our business
survivability. We're very satisfied with the ioSafe system and have recommended
it to others." - Todd Clift, IT Manager, Harmony Winery and Cellars

What are you doing to protect your data from fire, flood, theft, or server crash? Learn how ioSafe is right for you! Contact the Reliant Continuity group.