fire safe usb external hard drive Seagate Hard Drive

Fireproof Hard Disk Drive Backup Storage Devices

USB or SATA External Hard Drives in Fireproof Waterproof environments - like an aircraft black box for your data.

ioSafe disaster recovery hardware is the most relied upon hard disk drive hardware for continuous data protection, application availability, and disaster recoverability. Since 2003 engineers, business continuity, and disaster recovery experts have been designing and deploying this hardware to upgrade data recovery for businesses worldwide - you can trust our experience to benefit your business today and tomorrow.

Protection from server failure, fire, flood, theft and impact

Stand alone backup and disaster recovery for businesses

Rapid regulatory compliance and security (HIPAA, SOX, etc.)

Maximum protection and lowest total cost of ownership for any one disk based backup device - Upgrade to ioSafe today!


ioSafe R4

Fireproof NAS

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hardware



ioSafe S2

ioSafe data backup hardware

Dual Hard Disk Drive, 2TB USB Storage Hardware

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1700°F 1-hour Fireproof Hard Drive Protection

Waterproof to 30 ft. of Saltwater or Fresh Water
3 year warranty includes $5,000 per disk Data Recovery Service
Most Value and Protection for your Backup Dollar

ioSafe data backup and storage hardware is an award-winning product that delivers superior levels of data protection, high availability, and disaster recovery. This patented technology enables companies to easily recover from unexpected disruptions such as computer server failure, natural disaster like fire or flood and immediately restore business-critical data and applications - at the fraction of the cost of traditional backup strategies - without the hassle and headache of tape or need of bandwith for online streaming.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

"The ioSafe R4 works great , does what I want without any problems. I wish all my other systems I purchased worked as well." - Skip Wahl, Director of Army Programs CIBER Federal

“There are plenty of data storage products on the market, but we needed a disaster recovery system in case of an emergency like a fire or flood."”-- Scott Ralston, Biologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

What would happen to your business if you lost your data?
Learn how ioSafe is right for your business today! Contact the Reliant Continuity group.