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ioSafe hardware will help you align IT systems with disaster recovery and business continuity objectives to drive your business forward.

One of the greatest challenges for IT professionals and regulatory compliance teams at the enterprise level is managing and protecting business critical data storage hardware at remote and branch offices. ioSafe disaster proof hardware allows the enterprise to monitor data backup remotely, reduce administration costs, align IT systems with security and compliance objectives - all of this done white dovetailing into the existing IT platform in a scalable NAS or USB device. The ioSafe R4 network attached storage device is the most robust data backup appliance for your dollar - providing real time continuous data protection (CDP), giving your business enterprise superior data backup strength, more value and broader data storage protection for your dollar.


ioSafe R-4

Fireproof NAS Server, a Data Storage Hardware device


ioSafe S2

usb storage device


1700°F 1-hour Fireproof Protection

Waterproof to 30 ft. of Saltwater or Fresh Water
3 year warranty includes $5,000 Data Recovery Service
Most Value and Protection for your Backup Dollar
Waterproof USB NAS Hard drive USB Fire Safe

For quick and easy recovery from human error (most often associated with tape backup strategies at remote or branch offices), hardware failure, server crash, or real disaster such as fire or flood the ioSafe disaster proof backup hardware will prove to be the most robust and cost effective storage solution for data backup security and disaster recovery.

Data storage requirements are growing at an accelerating rate, and data security and disaster recovery strategies are becoming more valuabl. With storage becoming more difficult to manage and protect, let us prove to you that ioSafe technology is the best choice for your business as you continue to grow.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

"The ioSafe R4 works great , does what I want without any problems. I wish all my other systems I purchased worked as well." - Skip Wahl, Director of Army Programs CIBER Federal

What are you doing to protect your data from fire, flood, theft, or server crash? Learn how ioSafe is right for you! Contact the Reliant Continuity group.