ioSafe Fireproof Hardware Equipment for Computer Data Backup

Fireproof Computer Hardware from ioSafe - Complete Data Storage and Disaster Recovery Service

ioSafe computer hardware is the only complete data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plan all in a simple and easy to use package.

External hard drive protected against fire, flood, theft, building collapse.

ioSafe FloSafe Air Cooled Technology Patented design.

Uses Seagate External Hard Drives, the Most reliable drive in the industry with the longest warranty (5 yrs).

3-5 year Guaranteed Data Recovery $5000 Data Extraction Guarantee.
Operates up to Industry Standard 40° C (104° F) Server class performance.
Riveted steel outer casing like an 'aircraft blackbox'for building collapse.
Server Room Ready Rack mount option on industry standard EIA interface.
Fire protection Tested beyond UL Standards 72, Class 350, 1 hr (detailed test report available) .
Theft protection optional floor bolt down kit. Cable lockable standard.
Stealth storage Store up to 80' away, small (15"x 6"x 13"). Easy to hide.
Primary hard drive redundancy Convenient, fast backup data storage for primary drive.
Compatibility Works on PC (Windows XP, 2000) or Macintosh (OS X).
Simple install Via USB 2.0, connects in seconds.
Huge Capacity Up to 2TB of storage with two hard disk drives.
Made in the USA Each unit is carefully assembled in Auburn, CA.