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Purchasing from a single point of contact for your GSA Approved safes and containers and NSA / CSS 02-01 approved paper shredders is simple at the Reliant Continuity Group.

Our business model is designed to make everything easier for you. By offering a single point of contact for all of your classified materials and COMSEC / IPS storage, we give you the most convenient way of doing business. There is no need to manage multiple vendors, we offer you complete solutions with no hassle. You get everything you need with a single call and single purchase order!

The storage and destruction of Classified Documents is tightly regulated by the DoD, the General Services Administration and the National Security Agency. By combining a GSA Approved Classified Document Security Container along with a DoD/NSA CSS 02-01 approved paper shredder you can complete your storage and destruction program.


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Currently, the only GSA Approved Security Containers that are manufactured are the Class 5 and Class 6 versions. A common misconception about these containers is that they are fireproof. These containers ARE NOT fireproof! They offer security features, but will not protect vital backup media and software in the event of a fire. The FireKing MediaVault is a great way to add a stand-alone fireproof solution to your GSA Approved Security Container.


Combining a GSA Approved COMSEC IPS Container, used for the unmanned, online operation of computers, network servers and workstations, with disaster proof computer hardware from ioSafe provides a complete security solution for continuous online data backup of your Classified or highly valued information



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