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GSA Approved Safes and Containers for Classified Materials Storage and Security

The Reliant Continuity Grop repeatedly delivers complete secure storage solutions to the federal government and its prime and sub-contractors with superb results. For the secure storage of Top Secret and Classified documents or materials we offer a full line of GSA approved containers and safes, and other security equipment, which will meet your classified material or security storage requirements. SIMPLIFY with one point of contact.

Single S&G 2740 or X-09 Locks | Multi-Lock Containers

2-Drawer, 4-Drawer and 5-Drawer Class 6 and Class 5 Containers

Complete Delivery, Installation and Locksmith Services



Class 5 Safes and Cabinets

GSA Cass 5 Safe

GSA Approved


Class 6 Safes and Cabinets

Approved Class 6 Storage

GSA Approved


IPS COMSEC Equipment Safes

Fireproof IPS container for computer hardware and equipment



Class 5 Weapons Storage Safes

Fireproof NAS Server, a Data Storage Hardware device

High Security Cabinets and Safes


Package discounts for GSA Approved Safe and Dahle High Security Paper Shredder Purchase


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Over the years we have established a very loyal customer base that continually rely on our sales expertise, complete customer service, and ability to source GSA Approved Safes that are difficult to obtain - espcially during audit procedures. As part of our commitment to the government and military market place we the ability to build-out agency specific Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA's) as well as Letters of Agreement (LOA) to accomodate the varied needs of our public and private sector clients.


About Our Safes and Containers:

All locks meet the Federal Requirements listed under Federal Specification FF-L-2740. The X-09 Lock , S&G 2740 or S&G 8550

Class 5 containers are required for the storage of sensitive or classified materials including weapons, ammunition, funds, narcotics and evidence.

Class 6 safes and containers are for the storage of classified through Top Secret information and materials.

Let our experts assist you with the proper GSA Physical Security Container today! Contact the Reliant Continuity group.