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Class 5 containers carry the highest GSA Approved security rating for the storage of classified and top secret materials and more.

Our experienced GSA storage consulants work with growing businesses like yours everyday - all in need of Class 5 safes and storage containers for sensitive materals. We consistently deliver Class 5 containers to our clients worldwide, meeting their stringent needs of classified information storage. Every GSA Approved Class 5 safe and container is built to rigorous DoD security standards and we work hard to ensure delivery on time or ahead of audit or compliance deadline schedules.

Single X-09 or S&G 2740 Lock or Multi-Lock Options for Access Control

2-Drawer or 4-Drawer Cabinets / Safes


Class 5 Safe


Class 5 GSA Approved Physical Security

S&G 2740 or X-09 Lock, Single or Multi

1 yr. parts and labor warranty

Free Dock to dock delivery in the Continental United States





DPAS (Defense Priority Allocation System) issued by the DoD mandates that all DX or DO rated shipments carry priority status.

National Stock Number # Color
Two-Drawer, Single Lock  
7110-00-082-6111 Gray
7110-01-015-2850 Black
7110-01-012-8739 Parchment
Two-Drawer, Multi Lock  
7110-00-082-6111ML Gray
7110-01-015-2850ML Black
7110-01-012-8739ML Parchment
Four-Drawer, Single Lock  
7110-00-082-6112 Gray
7110-01-012-8740 Black
7110-01-012-8741 Parchment
Four Drawer, Multi Lock  
7110-00-082-6112ML Gray
7110-01-012-8740ML Black
7110-01-012-8741ML Parchment

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About Class 5 Security Standards:

Class 5 Security Filing cabinets are a Government approved cabinets for the storage of weapons, evidence, documents, funds and other sensitive information or equipment. This particular classification provides the same security as a Class 6 but with an additional ten minutes of forced entry attack.

Class 5 Security Containers are available as filing cabinets and general purpose size containers maps, plans and more.

All GSA Containers approved for the storage of classified information are provided with a lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740. These locks have a built in feature where either a single combination or a dual combination can be used.

Are you storing your govt. contract work in the proper physical security container or safe?
Let our experts GSA consultants guide you to compliance for storage and audits.Contact the Reliant Continuity group.