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Live Fire Demonstration and Reviews

iBelow is a review of the ioSafe Solo by the Wall Street Journal. For little more than the cost of a regular external hard drive you can get fire and flood protection for your priceless digital data - is your hard drive worth protecting?

ioSafe, manufacturer of disaster proof computer hardware demonstrates how their R-4 NAS device can withstand a 1700° F fire disaster and still maintain 100% data recovery once the device is allowed to cool with water spray. The video below was recorded in the desert just outside the INTEROP 2007 Business Technology Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV. Video and Narration by Steven Hill of Network Computing Magazine 

  • Video Filmed and Narrated by Steven Hill, Network Computing

ioSafe disaster proof hardware is the most robust data backup, storage and recovery devices on the market today. Not only does it combine reliable disk based backup in an 'aircraft blackbox' but it also comes with a standard 3 year hardware warranty and $5,000 per disk data recovery service plan.