ioSafe Fireproof Hardware Equipment for Computer Data Backup

Data Backup Software and Use with ioSafe Disaster Proof Computer Hardware


ioSafe hardware is available as a computer peripheral that you can use with your existing data backup software or you can upgrade your purchase to include EMC Retrospect backup software.

  • Versatile: ioSafe products will work with virtually any PC, Mac, Linux or Unix backup software.
  • Buy and use your own data backup software or upgrade your purchase to include the award winning EMC® Retrospect®:

    • EMC® Retrospect® Professional for Windows / Desktop for Macintosh :
      • Works for either PC (NT, 2000 or XP) or Mac.
      • Can create a bootable CD to restore a non-bootable computer including its operating system, applications, updates and settings, saving you countless hours of software installation and configuration.
      • Backups can be encrypted for security, compressed or uncompressed.
      • Just answer a few simple questions and Retrospect sets up your backups in record time.
      • Performs backups on demand or on a schedule.
      • Industry standard for single user backup.
      • Enables versioning, incremental or full recovery backups.
      • Can be upgraded to enterprise level, locked/open file, etc. backup as required.
      • Wizards

    • EMC® Retrospect® Disk-to-Disk for Windows :
      • Works for Windows 2000, XP or Small Business Server 2000/2003.
      • Backs up business-critical applications including MS Exchange Server.
      • Considered the industry standard for small / medium business level backup.
      • Wizards and automatic device recognition help to streamline setup. Backup operations are automatically adjusted to ensure all computers are protected.
      • Best in class Disaster Recovery. Retrospect can create a disaster recovery CD from existing backup media to restore a computer's operating system, applications, and settings.
      • Enables versioning, incremental or full recovery backups.
      • Upgradeable and scaleable to protect additional networked computers automatically to ensure all computers are protected.

If you currently use a reliable data backup software for your business data backup strategy you can implement ioSafe hardware in minutes! Should you choose to purchase EMC® Retrospect® you'll be backing up your data quickly and easily - with full or daily incremental backups.

Protect your documents, pictures, movies, music, operating systems, applications and settings that are on your personal computer or all of the computers in your local area network at the business office.

Your data backups can be encrypted for security purposes and the data can be compressed or sent to CD/DVD, tapes or additional hard drive systems for a more robust data backup strategy.