fireproof safe for data and media  

Fireproof Safes for Data and Computer Media Storage

The Reliant Continuity Group offers world class fireproof data and media safes from the world's most trusted manufacturers including Schwab Corp., FireKing, and ioSafe disaster proof hardware. With UL 125 fire and impact ratings with up to 3 full hours of fireproof protection you can rest assured that your vital computer media and business data is stored securely.

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Fireproof Data Safes- 3 Hour

FireKing 3 Hour Safe for media and data

3 Hour Fire Safe


Schwab Media Safe

Schwab Corp.

1-Hour Fireproof


Fireproof Data Safe 2-Hour

fire resistant

2-Hour Fire Safe


Schwab Media Cabinet

media storage cabinet

Computer Media Storage Cabinet


Fireproof Data Safe 1Hour

fire king safe

1 Hour Fire Safe


Schwab Media Cooler

media cooler insert

File Cabinet Insert


computer hardware


ioSafe R-4

Fireproof NAS Server, a Data Storage Hardware device

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hardware



ioSafe S-1

ioSafe data backup hardware

Single Hard Disk Drive, 750GB USB or SATA Hardware

Call us today and let our fireproof safe experts help you find the best fireproof safe for your data and computer media storage needs. Whether you are storing DLT tapes, LTO Tapes or simply need a fire proof data safe for your CD and DVD backup storage we have a fire safe to meet your exact needs and within budget.





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