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Reliability Continuity Reliability Continuity
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Strategic IT Management for Business Continuity

As the leading provider of complete security solutions for business data disaster recovery we are proud to offer ioSafe disaster proof hardware solutions for data backup, storage and disaster recovery. Implementing ioSafe hardware means your business enterprise is taking steps to align your IT systems with your business goals - cutting costs, increasing data security and data disaster recoverability. With affordable solutions for continuous data protection, data availability our ioSafe hardware products and data recovery services enable customers to protect and recover business-critical data and applications in the event of computer crash, server crash, or natural disasters such as fire, flood, and more.


ioSafe R-4

Fireproof NAS Server, a Data Storage Hardware device

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Hardware



ioSafe S-1

ioSafe data backup hardware

Single Hard Disk Drive, 750GB USB or SATA Hardware

  Spec. Sheet   Spec. Sheet    

1700°F 1-hour Fireproof Protection

Waterproof to 30 ft. of Saltwater or Fresh Water
3 year warranty includes $5,000 per disk Data Recovery Service
Most Value and Protection for your Backup Dollar


ioSafe disaster recovery hardware is the choice for best business practices worldwide.

Protect and Recover Data with Reliant Continuity

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“There are plenty of data storage products on the market, but we needed a disaster recovery system in case of an emergency like a fire or flood."”-- Scott Ralston, Biologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service